Bendy and the Ink Machine – Joey Drew Studios Inc.

Amazing but buggy even after update. No change!

A few crashes but the biggest glitch was near the end of ch 5 and I quit for an hour. When I returned, I was no longer in the machine where I had been, but was in the hallway after leaving Tom and Alice on the bank. Problem is that the door is closed and the lever down so there is no way back inside. I cannot complete the game without starting the entire chapter over again. I started over, lost all progress, and the same thing happened. So, do not stop after starting ch 5 or you’ll have to start from the beginning.

I started over AGAIN and this time got to the machine but after knocking out two ink columns, I died but when I was revived,I was still in the room but the ink monster was stuck running in a corner. Nothing could coax it out so it is another glitch. Geez.

Please offer more chapters!! First, fix the bugs!!

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